Officers and Committees

Meet our Lodge Officers

Steven S.

Board of Trustees Chair

Chairperson: Americanism Subcommittee

Chairperson: Elks National Foundation Subcommittee

John A.

Leading Knight

Chairperson: House Committee

Jeremie N.

Loyal Knight

Chair: Membership Committee

George J.


Chairperson: House Committee

Keith R.

Exalted Ruler


Diana M.

Trustee: Two Year

Derek L.

Trustee: Three Year

Melissa B.

Inner Guard

Chairperson: Fraternal Committee

Randy P.


Ronald G.


Sue D.


Public Relations Committee

Cyber Assistant


Activities Committee
Pam F., Chairperson

Fraternal Committee
Melissa B., Chairperson

Americanism Subcommittee
Steven S., Chairperson

Elks National Foundation Subcommittee
Steven S., Chairperson

Lodge Activities Subcommittee
Pam F., Chairperson

Veterans Services Subcommittee
Pam F. Chairperson

Standing Relief Subcommittee
Keith R., Chairperson

Board of Directors
Keith R., Chairperson

House Committee
John A., Chairperson