How to Join the Elks

Have you already been initiated as an Elk?

If you’re a member of a different lodge, you can transfer your membership to our Puyallup Lodge. If your membership has lapsed, you can apply for reinstatement.

Why Join the Elks?

When you’re an Elk, you’re part of a nationwide fellowship of friends. You always have a friendly place to go – the Lodge is your home away from home.

You’ll meet plenty of new people, and you can bring your old friends in to be part of the organization.

Elks are known for having fun, but we’re also serious about serving our communities. We’re proud to be Americans. We support our veterans, our youth, and children with disabilities, as well as other service projects.

Share a meal, have a drink, and plan the next way to better your community and country.

Membership Process

1. Apply 

Fill out the interest form by clicking the button below. We will provide you with an application, and you will submit them with a $45 application fee.

2. Balloting

After a background check and an interview, lodge members will vote on your application.

3. Orientation

We will welcome you at an orientation session where you meet some members and you will learn more about the Elks, our Lodge and initiation. You will pay your $142 annual dues.

4. Initiation Ceremony

You will be invited to a special ceremony on the third Tuesday of the month at our Lodge, where you will receive your membership card and become a member of the local, state, and national Elks and a welcome part of our fellowship.

Help Our Community Grow

Elk members are sharing the message on their social networks. Download social shareables and send your favorite meme to your friends.