You can’t miss it.  We have all seen it.  It looks like a giant, wet duck has walked all over the Puyallup Elks Lodge ceiling, upside down.  This mystical creature had such fun soaking our acoustical ceiling tiles and turning them into a very unattractive mushy mess. About 100 tiles have bowed or fallen. 

Well never fear!  Officers of your Elks Lodge banded together and fixed the roof leaks. Gone are the buckets and kiddy pools catching the latest storm’s rainwater. It’s now time to replace the damaged and missing tiles and to return the Lodge lobby back to its original splendor. We just need two things: you and a scissors lift.

  • Do you and your Elks buddies have time on a weekend to install new ceiling tiles?  We need about 3 people for a day.
  • Do you have access to, or know someone who can get their hands on a electric scissors lift similar to the one pictured below?  The lift would have to be delivered to and picked up from the Lodge. A donation toward rental would also be appreciated.

What do you think?  Can you lend a hand?  Contact Dave Weldon (, 425-681-2217) or your Elks Lodge Secretary (, 253 845-9515). We would like to have the ceiling repaired by the beginning of March, 2023.

Let’s have no more ducks, upside down or otherwise, inside the building.